Best EV Stocks in India 2022

New technologies are emerging daily in the transportation niche, of which most alternative technologies are based on EVs or Electric Vehicles. Significant businesses have started investing in EVs to gain momentum before the industry transitions from traditional fuels to EVs. The evolution is also considered as the efforts by companies to meet the standards set by renowned EV firm Tesla before it gets late. So, EV stocks are the hot bait at the moment for those investors looking for a higher profit in the future. 

The EV Stock boom will help investors to flourish even if the market declines financially. So, let us discover the list of leading and Best EV Stocks in India 2022 that are likely to provide great returns. 

How to Invest in the Best EV Stocks in India 2022?

Before you jump into the EV Stock for investing, you must know the crucial factors worth considering before investing your money in EV stocks in 2022.

  • Check Out for Industry Leaders – The Indian automobile industry has registered a significant shift and is expected to flourish in the coming years. Therefore, investors must research the trending businesses within the industry and market competition to make the right choice for higher returns and the Best EV Stocks in India 2022.
  • In-Depth Research – Thorough investigation is necessary before investing in the Indian EV markets. Before investing in EV stocks, you must choose the companies with the potential to grow financially instead of making decisions based on historical data. 
  • Checking Government Investment Activity – The Indian EV Stock market will decide the future demand-supply balance in the automobile market. The government is also promoting EV vehicles and in-house manufacturing. Therefore, the demand for EV vehicles will increase in the future. Besides, the EV industry is hovering for growth and development, thanks to the collaboration between Indian automakers and the government. 
  • Removing Underperforming Stocks – Eventual recovery of stock from steep decline can’t be envisaged. It is always good to be practical about what is possible and what is impractical in the stock market. So, instead of holding the underperforming stocks, you must sell them to stop further losses.    
Name of the CompanyPresent Stock Price12 Months Predictions
Mahindra Electric1353.80 INRUp to 38.62%
Tata Motors421.80 INRUp to 6.8%
Hyundai EV96300.98 INRUp to 20.9%
Ashok Leyland159.65 INRUp to 17.22&
Olectra Greentech614.50 INRUp to 20.75%

List of Best EV stocks in India 2022

Mahindra Electric 

Being the pioneer of EV manufacturing in India, Mahindra EV Stocks are leading with a great potential to grow in the future, making them the Best EV stocks in India 2022. In early 2001, the company launched Mahindra Reva, the first electric car in India. Over the decades, the company has made many significant industry changes and developed a dedicated R&D centre. 

The company has launched two EV variants, including eVerito and Mahindra E20. The company is not only limited to EVs but has also launched battery packs and collaborated with other firms to enhance EV charging.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors is the biggest carmaker in India, with segments ranging from utility vehicles, car manufacturing, trucks, buses, and defence vehicles. Tata Daewoo and Jaguar Land Rover are the associate companies, and it has also jumped into the EV segment with the launched Tata EV Cars. 

Tata Motors also has an industrial joint venture in India with Fiat. The exciting fact about Tata Motors is that it can use worldwide resources and enables them to work with innovative ideas and develop new technologies that are best suited and sustainable. 

Tata Motors has launched four EV vehicles, Nexon EV, Tiago Electric, Nano EV, and Tigor EV. Now, they are also venturing into the EV bus segment after the demand from State Transport Unions. With several EV variants, the company features the Best EV stocks in India 2022.


When Tata and Mahindra are ruling the EV market, why will Hyundai stay back? The company ventured into the EV market with the launch of the Kona EV. The major USP of the EV is its range which can cover up to 452KM on a single charge. It solved the problem of many Indians who need long-running EVs with a single charge. 

However, the Kona EV was launched with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 23.8L, making it the most expensive EV. However, the company is working on it to launch an affordable version in the next 2-3 years. But, the company features the Best EV stocks in India 2022 worth investing in. 

Ashok Leyland

The flagship company of Hinduja Group, Ashok Leyland, is the fourth largest bus and commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. The company has merged with Sun Mobility to improvise its expertise in the passenger vehicle niche. The company has also ventured into battery-powered EV buses to accommodate the e-mobility needs in the nation. The Ashok Leyland EV is designed keeping in mind the Indian conditions. 

Ashok Leyland has launched different variants of electric buses and is now focused on exporting them. It has increased the stock’s value and made their stocks the Best EV stocks in India 2022 for investment.  

Olectra Greentech

The list won’t be complete without mentioning Olectra Greentech, the pioneer in EV public buses established in 1992. Today, the company has emerged as the leading EV business maker and formed a part of MEIL Group. The company has launched different EV variants, including K6, K7, and K9 E public buses.

Because of the high demand for electric public buses, the company is flourishing, making their stocks the Best EV stocks in India 2022 for profitable returns in the future. The company has also launched a new factory to increase its production capacity. Today, it can produce up to 2000 buses.       

Final Thoughts 

The above list reveals the Best EV stocks in India 2022, the leading EV manufacturers, and their present work model in the EV segment and the prospects. The government has already announced providing subsidies to the buyers and has increased EV sales in 2022. 

The government is now focusing on replacing combustion engines with electric vehicles by 2030. Investing in EV stocks in 2022 will be profitable for all investors.  

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