Definition Of Stock Broker And Importance

A stock broker is a middleman who helps businesses and financial organizations purchase and sell stocks and securities on a stock exchange. Naturally, major stock exchanges are used to trade all equities. Investors cannot, however, transact on stock exchanges directly.

The person who provides a service to the investor is a stockbroker. A stockbroker’s primary responsibility is to buy and sell stocks on behalf of clients. Additionally, top stock brokers in Indore assist their clients in obtaining a thorough understanding of a stock, which enables investors to make well-informed investment selections.

Let’s take a closer look at the traditional services a stockbroker offers to its clients.

  • Accurate advice on buying and selling stocks and other securities is provided by stockbrokers. They may advise a customer on which stocks to buy and sell as well as the best times to do so because they are knowledgeable about the markets. Prior to making such suggestions, they conduct in-depth research on securities.
  • On behalf of their clients, stockbrokers buy and sell shares and take care of the necessary documentation. As a record keeper, they also maintain track of all transactions, statements, and other information.
  • Stockbrokers oversee their clients’ investment portfolios and give regular portfolio updates to their clients. They also respond to any queries a client may have regarding investments.
  • Stockbrokers update their clients on any fresh stock market investing opportunities.
  • Additionally, a stockbroker assists a customer in altering investing strategy in response to market conditions.

Importance of Stock Broker

  1. Margin trading

Margin trading is the practice of individual individuals purchasing more stocks than they can afford in the world of stock trading. Margin trading, also referred to as intraday trading, enables all stock transactions (buying and selling) to occur within a single day.

Stock brokers who trade intraday now have adequate capital. The top stock broker in Indore in this case loans money to the traders so they can leverage their positions. Traders must pay a margin amount before they are permitted to take positions in the stock market. The margin is often set at 50%.

  • Provide the Best Offers

A broker typically interacts with all kinds of securities. The top stock broker in Madhya Pradesh advises clients on the optimum times to purchase and sell stocks, among other things. Major stock recommendations are based on their research and advice reports.

  • Trading Handling

Multiple traders submit orders to a stock broker, who then places those orders on a stock exchange. Once the order is placed successfully, traders will be informed of it. In contrast, full-service stock brokers in India allow traders to issue their own orders on trading platforms, which is how online brokers enable trades.

Once an order is successfully made and executed, it is automatically visible in your Demat account.

  • Paid on Commission

For the services they offer to traders, full-service stock brokers charge brokerage commissions. This fee is a portion of the trader that clients receive from them. On each completed order, discount brokers impose a certain commission that is predetermined.

How to select the right stock broker?

  1. Comprehend the fundamentals

The most important thing when investing in the stock market is to understand demands. Choose a stock broker who is aware of your expectations for stock trading as a result.

Numerous online stock brokers impose large brokerage fees, which may not appeal to novice investors. Therefore, it is advised to use a stockbroker who offers top-notch stock trading services at reasonable brokerage fees.

  • Stock market valuation

Before choosing to proceed, it is crucial to review a stock broker’s pricing. Try to learn the annual maintenance fees for the AMC. Broker to broker varies in how much they charge. Some stock brokers charge very high brokerage fees, and others charge relatively low brokerage fees.

  • Variety of Market Segments

When trading financial goods including equity, commodities, IPOs, fixed-income securities, and more, various investors have different priorities. Choose a stock broker with a variety of financial goods.

  • Transfer of Funds

Select a stock broker which comes with 3 in 1 Demat account as the stock broker provides seamless fund transfer services which allow investors to trade with ease. On the other hand, if you open a Demat account with a non-bank stock broker, you will have to make a transfer of funds each time you begin trading.

  • Expertise in Research Team

It would be best to evaluate the research team that the stock broker offers first when choosing a stock broker. This is so that investors can choose the best stocks that will provide them with high returns by using the research reports produced by the stockbroker.


One of the most controlled and well-organized markets is the one in India. SEBI is the main factor in the outstanding organization. Whether you are a stock broker or an investor, you should conduct your stock trading in accordance with the rules set forth by SEBI to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

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