Impact of LIC IPO on the Investors

The much-awaited IPO of the largest insurance company will be coming at the end of the current financial year. This can only be done after the government finishes the process of disinvestment of at least three PSUs.

As per the economic time’s reports, three companies National Fertilizers Limited, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited and Rashtriya Chemical and Fertilizers Limited will get divested through a simpler method called to offer for sale or OFS before the launching of LIC IPO

A senior finance ministry official has declared that the LIC’s IPO will hit the market in the next year, adding that other issues will be completed before all necessary applications are in place. 

It may be noted that LIC had got principle approval from the cabinet committee on the economic affairs before the launching of LIC IPO.

As per the news source, it is estimated that the 10% stake sale of LIC would generate a whopping amount of Rs 1 Crore to 1.5 Crore. To launch the LIC IPO, the government has already started working towards strategic disinvestment in major companies such as Air India and BPCL. 

The price band of LIC IPO is estimated at Rs 400-600 shares taking into account total capital and valuation. The paid-up capital is reported as Rs 25000 Crore while the total valuation of the IPO would be between 10 -15 Lakh Crore. 

Strength of LIC IPO

  • The company offers several life insurance plans, money back plans, term life insurance plans, endowment plans. 
  • As per the LIC annual report of 2019-2020, LIC occupied a market share of 69% in the life insurance space.
  • LIC is also involved in other businesses such as LIC Housing Finance, LIC Pension Fund, LIC Mutual Fund, LIC Cards Services. 

How Investors Likely Get Benefit from the LIC IPO

LIC policyholders who have brought over 28.9 crore policies have now got reason to be amazed. This is because the government has decided to allocate a 10% of the issue size for LIC policyholders. Also, they would receive a fair discount on the floor price. 

Rules Set by LIC on Such Reservations

Life Insurance Corporation Rules of 2021 said that any reservation made by the corporation in favour of its policyholders on a competitive basis on a public issue should be made in a manner similar to that applicable to a reservation on a competitive basis for employees in a public issue under any regulation made and issued by Security Exchange Board of India. 

However, if any company made an allotment of equity trading shareholders against any reservation made in their favour should be done in consultation with the stock exchanges.

As per the IPO norms, an issuer company offers shares to its employees with a maximum discount of 10% at which the shares are offered to other categories.

Disinvestment of equity shares has recently been approved by the Union Cabinet minister. 

Also, they allow merchant bankers to launch their IPOs. The lot size of LIC shares will decide the finance ministry and in conversation with the Finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman, a panel has decided that it will take full responsibility for the size share of LIC IPO.

For the upcoming LIC IPO, the government has decided to amend the LIC Act of 1956. To get the IPO launched, LIC has appointed Arijit Basu. After the amendment, the corporation is now governed by the Companies Act and SEBI Act in order to prepare its quarterly balance sheet with P&L and make public-key developments. 

How Will Policyholders Benefit?

Even if the government offers a 10% discount to LIC policyholders, the post-issue market capitalization of LIC would go up to Rs 15 lakh Crore valuation once the valuation gets known. According to the new SEBI rule, for a 10 lakh Crore market capitalization, LIC will have to make an issue of Rs 55000 Crore (Rs 10,000 Crore plus 5% of Rs 9 lakh Crore)

Many investors think that LIC policyholders would get less bonus after launching its IPO. However, this is not so true. The sources said that LIC will find new ways to offer the same bonus.

The main concern of LIC is the pricing of the issue. If we look at the past then we get to know that two general insurance companies- General Insurance Corporation of India and New India Assurance Co Limited which were listed in 2017, are now trading at Rs 174.60 and Rs 161. 

Why is the LIC IPO matter for the Government?

Since the GOI performed disinvestment of two major companies, it is very important for the government to meet its disinvestment target especially at the time when the government plans to make two PSB banks a privatised banks and one insurance firm. 

The government’s main objective is to mop up Rs 1.75 Lakh Crore in the current fiscal from privatisation. Out of this, Rs 1.75 Lakh Crore is supposed to come up from selling its share in public sector banks and other financial institutions, while Rs 75000 Crore comes as a CPSE disinvestment receipt. 

Why Should Investors Look Forward to It?

According to investors, the LIC IPO will be a turning point for many as the largest life issuers company is all set to launch its IPO for the very first time. Also, LIC covers a total market share of 66% with the first-year premium of Rs 1.84 Lakh Crore. The company has 2.9 lakh employees with a network of 22.78 lakh agents. 

As per the internal source, if the 22 lakh agents sell only one extra policy to the people, it will make a huge volume. Apart from it, LIC is considered the biggest institutional investor in India and has a huge investment portfolio that can generate outstanding returns in the future. 

A marginal per employee business productivity improvement every year is quite more than the few sized insurance firms; according to a stock market trading expert.


Life Insurance Corporation is a top-notch insurance company that offers many insurance covers to people. The company is known for providing high term benefits to its shareholders.

Also, LIC provides maturity benefits to its shareholders which means if a policyholder completes the maturity of the policy, he/she will receive 40% of the basic sum assured added with bonus and extra bonus.

Now, the company is all set to launch its IPO which will provide many benefits to its shareholders and other investors. Don’t miss out on a chance to subscribe to the LIC IPO.

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